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Product details

Not for consumption due to high amount of amygdalin, use as a cosmetic and exfoliation ingredient. 

Bitter and sweet apricot kernels have a high amount of hydrocyanic, also known as amygdalin and vitamin B17, which is mainly the substance causing the bitterness in these kernel. While this makes apricot kernels unsuitable for raw consumption, Apricot kernels can be safely used as a cosmetic and beauty ingredient in face scrub and skin exfoliation.

Try a quick and easy apricot Kernel facial scrub recipe: mix 10 crushed apricot kernels with 1tbsp of honey, oatmeal and some water. Apply onto face gently and rinse off after 10min.

INGREDIENTS: 100% raw, natural and unprocessed bitter apricot kernels

ALLERGY WARNING: Please be aware that this product may contain traces of nuts.

SAFETY WARNING: Not suitable for children. Small children may choke on nuts. May contain occasional fragment of shell.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

MORE DETAILS: This is a 100% raw & natural product. Color may vary.