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  • Shelled & whole kernels
  • Raw, unsalted, unroasted
  • 100% natural and GMO-free
  • Rich natural flavour of pistachios
  • Full of protein, antioxidants & vitamins
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
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Product details

Unsalted premium shelled pistachios kernels. Everyday Superfood pistachio kernels are raw, natural and unroasted. Rich pistachio flavour and vibrant green color. Use pistachio kernels as snack, baking or in cereals.

INGREDIENTS: 100% raw pistachio kernels
STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
MORE DETAILS: This is a 100% raw & natural product. Colour may vary.

Pistachio kernels

Everyday Superfood Premium Pistachio Kernels

Our high quality pistachio kernels are sourced from local farms in the Middle East, where the special warm and dry climate contribute to the high nutritional value and great taste of this amazing superfood. Sourcing our pistachios from these areas means our pistachios are always nutrient-rich and full of flavour.

Enjoy Everyday Superfood Pistachio Kernels as a delicious snack, or as a nutritious ingredient in food and desserts.

A Very Special Nut

Pistachios are grown on trees in warm and dry desert-like climates. They are rich in protein, antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and are known to be one of the most nutrient dense nuts in the world.

Like many food ingredients, pistachios have different types and varieties. They are classified according to their origin, color and size and could naturally have a very different taste and texture depending on their type.

At Everyday Superfood, we continually monitor and source our pistachios based on their flavor in order to maintain a consistent and high quality taste.

pistachio tree branch

Pistachios go with everything, here's some inspiration..

avocado pistachios toast

Pistachio Avocado Honey!

Top toasted whole-grain bread with avocado, sprinkle roughly chopped pistachio kernels and finish with a drizzle of honey. These incredibly healthy vegan toasts are perfect for breakfast or as a healthy snack.

pistachio on oat cereal for breakfast

Give Breakfast a Boost

Pistachios provide valuable protein and antioxidants in the morning that keep us fit and healthy throughout the day, just add this incredible ingredient to your muesli or cereal and enjoy a different taste.

pistachio with drinks

Snack on Them

What’s even better than snacking on pistachios? Have them with a cold drink or just on their own. Pistachios are a great choice of snack for any party or occasion, and they are really good for you too.

pistachios on yogurt

Top a Bowl of Yogurt

Combine the vivid green pistachio kernels with yogurt or cream, top with dried barberries for a great contrast finish and turn an everyday food into an exciting, healthy and delicious Everyday Superfood!